English Safety Training

An introduction to occupational Health and Safety training in Italy

All employees who work in Italy must attend an occupational Health and Safety course. The lack of this training may involve criminal penalties for the Employer for non-compliance of occupational health and safety regulations in Italy.
This course consists of two parts:
1) a General part of 4 hours, regardless of the sector of the company;
2) a Specific part. The duration of the specific part depends on the risk level of the company (min. 4 hours; max 12 hours).
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Not only workers…
Supervisors must attend an additional training of 8 hours.
As regards Managers, the duration of training  is of 16 hours.
The training must be updated every 5 years with a course of 6 hours.
The requirements of this training are described in the Agreement State-Regions of 21/12/11.

ALI’s Occupational Health & Safety training

ALI’s courses entirely satisfy these requirements.
Moreover, ALI issues a Certificate that is valid for the entire national territory