Be excellent in safety: Introduction to Behavior-Based Safety (8 hours)

Introduction and objectives:

The seminar – a classic ALI training, being in the list of courses since 2006 with hundreds of participants, is intended to illustrate the basic elements of a BBS process, experiment through exercises the main application steps, in order to develop an implementation effective plan. It is also very useful in the steps leading to the development of the BBS for:

  • put the internal team members in the conditions to develop a focused and effective implementation plan;

  • effectively inform managers about their role in the process.


  • Behavior-based safety: the main contributions to the studies on behavioral safety.
  • Terms and definitions.
  • The role of behavior in the workplace accidents
  • The pillars of safety management based on behavior.
  • The implementation steps of a BBS process.
  • The reason for the behavior and behavioral analysis: methods, exercises / examples.
  • The identification of safety behaviors and behavioral inventory methods, exercises / examples.
  • The organizational structure of a BBS process: the project committee and involvement of workers, supervisors and managers
  • The observation of behavior: how to conduct and record observations; exercises / examples.
  • Examples of the benefits gained in the application in Italian companies.

The themes are updated regularly and agreed with the company.


Employers, managers and supervisors, RSPP and RLS interested in improved performance on safety.

Teaching methods:

In addition to frontal lessons, several exercises about company risk situations will be carried out.


Reduced introductory version of 4 hours.
Expanded version of 16 hours of observation simulations at the company

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